Who we are

The endowment fund ESA

Created in 2010, Enfants Soleils d’Avenir is an endowment fund intended to support child and family-centred actions in the sectors of health, development and education, especially actions targeting people living in precarious situation in Martinique, in the Caribbean and in the world.

The association ESA-Caraïbes

At the end of 2013, ESA-Caraïbes was created to enhance the work of the endowment fund, notably by becoming project leader and implementing partner of the programs financially supported by the endowment fund ESA.

As both structures share the same vision and mission, the endowment fund ESA has then returned to its primary function, which is fundraising; actions and programs thus being implemented by the association ESA Caraïbes.

Our objectives

  • Support, assist, accompany, directly or indirectly, children, young people and their families in the sectors of health, education and professional training;
  • Foster community projects targeting children and families, in their own environment and as a whole, in order to optimize their social inclusion and well-being;
  • Introduce the mechanisms to achieve these objectives.

Our first objective: to support children anywhere, here and throughout the world

Our approach

Having an expertise in child protection, ESA’s priority consists in ensuring a secure context, a mental, physical, and emotional well-being to vulnerable children.
In order to enhance and carry out its multisectorial programs in the long term, ESA’s expertise and experience remain at the disposal of local actors. Indeed, as local partners are in charge of program implementation, ESA is responsible for program monitoring and evaluation.