Support for community development -Haiti

Water resources management project in the South East Department, Haiti

20140307_141750In partnership with the INGO ACTED, the Water Agencies of Martinique (Office de l’Eau-Martinique, Société Martiniquaise des aux/Lyonnaise des Eaux), the National Direction of Drinking Water and Sanitation in Haiti (DINEPA) and the Haitian Community Organization of Belle Anse (Coordination des Organisations pour le Développement de l’Arrondissement de Belle-Anse/CODAB), ESA-Caraïbes is working on a sustainable response to the water resource issue in the South-East department.


A water resource management program in the Belle Anse region has been elaborated to respond to the emergency context linked to the severe drought, and, in a mid and long term approach, to study, design and implement a Water management master plan, providing an optimal, sustainable and economic resources management, benefiting the populations of the region.