The tragedy that shook Haiti in 2010 led the first actions of this endowment fund, that we just created, towards the children of Haiti, driven by this commitment to assist deprived children throughout the world…

One and a half million homeless; among them, hundreds of thousands of children who, in addition to the terrible tragedy they experienced on January 12, 2010, including many times the loss of their parents, turned homeless, malnourished, with no access to school or health care, sometimes victims of dishonest adults in overcrowding IDPs’ camps. This picture of nightmare has been the reality of many Haitian children, who must be given a chance and hope to fully develop.

The task is immense and the means limitless.

Some of us decided to get involved in a concrete and solidarity action on the field, along with some of these children.

We thus decided to create the endowment fund “Enfants Soleils d’Avenir”, which has allowed us, through fundraising activities, to support structures such as orphanages and nurseries in Port-au-Prince and help them to ensure a good physical health, a certain serenity and an access to education for each child, in the light of this complex environment.

So we went on the field to realize for ourselves this hard reality. With the assistance of Haitian networks, we set up a medical monitoring program for children and supported host facilities in their basic needs.

For many years, we have been working on long-term actions for these 200  children that we decided to take care at first.

We are involved in the long term that is why we are soliciting for a continuous effort. With a regular donation of a few dozen euros, these actions will be durably supported.

Coordination has been set up to ensure project monitoring and follow-up. Moreover, project implementation and the use of financial means will be shared, including on this website.

Such an action, which must go beyond emotion, requires a relationship of trust between you, donors to the endowment fund “Enfants Soleils d’Avenir”, and us, who we use responsibly the funds entrusted to ESA.

Be assured of our commitment to transparency for this solidarity action, cause for hope and smiles to come, for these children that we cannot, must not forget.