The NGO ESA-Caraïbes

Created in 2013 under 1901 French law, ESA-Caraïbes is an association dedicating to promoting and implementing individual and community development projects targeting children and families, in line with socio-economic and sustainable development.

The Administrative Board

Our Administrative Board is composed of 12 members:

President :
Patrice LEFAUCHEUR, Software editor;
Vice-President :
Hugues LUCRON, Hospital practicioner, Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology;
Treasurer :
Marie-Flore PELAGE, Public accountant;
Deputy treasurer:
Moïse BELORGANE, IT consultant;
Christian JEAN-ETIENNE, Geographer;
Deputy secretary:
Serge CHALONS, Pediatrician and public health expert.

Other members:
Jacky BIRD, Pediatrician – community health – St Lucia;
Olivier FLECHELLES , Hospital practitioner – neonatal resuscitation;
Yves HATCHUEL, Pediatrician, hospital practitioner;
Olympe FRANCIL, Accounting and finance director;
Dominique MODOCK, Notary ;
Aline MONTJOLY, Communication consultant.