Supporting My Father’s House orphanage, Haiti

photo mfhFounded in 2005, My Father’s House orphanage (MFH) is managed by Pastor Pasteur Prédestin Pierre Hérard. The number of hosted children largely increased following the January 12th earthquake; today, MFH hosts nearly 200 children, from 3 to 17-year-old. These children are orphaned, abandoned or entrusted under the IBESR’s administrative control, the Haitian governmental institution in charge of child protection.

When created, the orphanage rented three hosting houses in Port au Prince. In 2011, the institution was relocated in Puy Blain, where it has since been redeveloped with new construction works. Since then, the orphanage has developed a strong dynamic, fostered by its partners and donors, targeting the improvement of life and hosting conditions. This approach is not only addressing children global well-being and health, but also the quality of hosting infrastructures and the provision of adapted educational activities.

Since 2010, ESA has been working with the orphanage to improve the living conditions of the children with the implementation of a pediatric, education and sanitation support program; a food supply and diversification support project; and finally, collaboration on the redevelopment and construction project.