Projects under study

To reinforce and ensure the continuity of its actions in the long term, ESA is now working on new integrated and complementary programs:

  •  “Logistic container” project: ESA is now evaluating the establishment of regular container shipping from Martinique to Haiti. An analysis is carried out on different freight forwarders, as well as on organizations and individuals intervening in the social and aid sectors who may be interested in this approach. This project will involve fundraising activities and donations in order to bring goods and materials for which need would have been expressed by our Haitian partners
  • Preparing for the future: education and professional training for the older children: As the access to education and secondary and university studies is highly limited in Haiti, ESA will encourage the children from My Father’s House orphanage to take part in a professional training course. This project will target in priority children with a learning lag and reaching the age of majority, who will have to leave the orphanage soon, in order to provide them the tools to ensure their future autonomy. This support will consist in identifying training centers, conducting administrative procedures and covering the registration fees and other related costs.